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Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty Pasta Company… The Most Entertaining Pasta On Earth!™

Are Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand products edible or are they for decoration?
Our products are edible and all ingredients are FDA approved. The designs and colors are created from our own handcrafted recipes that are proprietary to Pretty Pasta Company.  Some of our customers say they like to display their SKETCHARONI™ and PHOTOCCINI™ on their kitchen counters so family and friends can enjoy too!  Many customers collect our themed pasta or give as gifts to family and friends.

What are the ingredients are in Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand products?
Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand products contain semolina (wheat), durum wheat flour (niacin, iron, thiamine , mononitrate, folic acid, riboflavin), water, may contain food colorants, vegetable and fruit extracts, and spices.

I have never seen pasta like this anywhere.  Are you the first to invent graphic designs and photographs on pasta?
YES!  Pretty Pasta Company™ is the first in the world to manufacture pasta with graphic designs, photographs and messages on pasta products.  We have a patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for our unique invention!  Pretty Pasta Company™ has revolutionized the pasta industry as the world has known it for thousands of years.  The only pasta on the market before Pretty Pasta Company™ consisted of a few colors and shapes made from metal dies that form pasta into outlines of shapes.  Now, you, as the consumer,  will not only have actual designs, photographs, and messages on your pasta, but you can actually take part by designing your pasta the way you want it through our DESIGN A NOODLE™ and TEXT A NOODLE™.

What brands are manufactured by Pretty Pasta Company™?
We manufacture SKETCHARONI™ Brand Pasta (graphic design pasta),  PHOTOCCINI™ Brand Pasta (photo imaging pasta), DESIGN A NOODLE™ Brand pasta ( consumer designed pasta), and TEXT A NOODLE™ Brand pasta (consumer messaging pasta). Stay tuned as Pretty Pasta Company™ will continously be adding fun, new and innovative designs and products!

What happens to the Image or design when the pasta is boiled?  Does it wash away?
When your SKETCHARONI™ or PHOTOCCINI™ is boiled, the design or photograph expands proportionally to the noodle as it expands throughout the boiling process.  The image does not wash away and can be seen by you and your guests as they are eating their pasta meal! Just imagine… a special message for your loved ones at the dinner table, or even photographs of family or friends on each plate. Making dinner for your significant other?  Design your pasta with his or her name, picture, or a heartwarming message! It always turns out to be the BIGGEST HIT at every meal or event!

I’m not a very creative person, so how and when would I use Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand products?
The great part of Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand products is that we can do the creating for you!  We have several designs for you to choose from and many categories to select from.  You can also create your own SKETCHARONI™ or PHOTOCCINI™ by simply uploading a favorite design or photograph from your scrapbook through our Design A Noodle™, or write a message with our TEXT A NOODLE™  and we create your custom, one-of-a kind pasta!  It’s very simple and SO MUCH FUN! Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand pasta is perfect for every day meals, birthdays, weddings, retirements, engagements, Holidays, parties, corporate gifts, marketing a business,sports enthusiasts, sporting events, school fundraisers, a gift for the person who has everything and so much more!

Pretty Pasta Company™Brand Pasta is more expensive than other pasta products on the market.  Why is it priced higher than other pasta products?
Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand products are truly a work of art, a one -of- a kind product that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.  We have priced Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand pasta in conjunction with the amount of time, cost etc. it takes to create our unique SKETCHARONI™, PHOTOCCINI™, DESIGN A NOODLE™, and TEXT A NOODLE™ Brand pasta, all of which is handmade one noodle at a time.

Does SKETCHARONI™ and PHOTOCCINI™ Brand pasta taste different since there are designs, words and photographs on it?
Our Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand pasta tastes just like plain pasta, the colors do not impart any additional flavor.

I have common food allergies, should I be concerned?
Yes, our Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand products contain wheat, may contain food colorants, fruit/vegetable extracts, spices and made in a facility that uses eggs.

How should I store my Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand pasta products?
To maintain freshness, Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand products can be stored in a cool, dry place for up to 24 months if sealed tightly.

Is there any discolration of lips or tongue with Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand products?
No.  Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand products do not discolor lips or tongue.

How long should I cook my Pretty Pasta Company ™ Brand pasta products?
Boil for approximately 9-12 minutes or until Al Dente, depending on your preference.

My water has a bluish hue to it when I cooked my Pretty Pasta Company™ Brand Products.  Is this normal?
Yes!  It is the same principle as when you boil fresh vegetables/ fruits.  The water may discolor somewhat, but it will not affect the noodle itself.  This is expected and designed this way! Especially with any designs that are black or blue, there will be a bluish discoloration in the water.  Similarly, if a design has a good amount of red color, the water will take on a pink hue.  After draining, rinse with water and serve!

What is the best way to prepare Pretty Pasta Company ™ Brand products
We recommend boiling in plain water for 9-12 minutes or until Al Dente.  Rinse with water and enjoy!  Be creative… sauce on the side or under your SKETCHARONI™ or PHOTOCCINI™ so the image can be seen.

Pretty Pasta Company… The Most Entertaining Pasta on Earth!™


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